Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my favorite illustrations by David Downton

when i see David Downton's illustration at first, i felt it is similar with Gladys Perint Palmers.
Both of them have similar work methods. i just feel David Downton's illustrations are more sharp and clear than Gladys. both were usually using ink on paper. they would like to use pastel and water color to apply color on their drawings. David and Gladys are creating a movement and demention with vivid color scheme and fluid lines and so on. both illustrator are really focusing on simplicity, but both are giving an important point in their drawing and emphasize that enough in their drawing. i think there are no more ways to explain or represent fashion or runway examples. i can read trends and important or key factors in their drawing. in portrait and runway examples have really clear identity or profile in David and Gladys illustrations.

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